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Brainspotting Therapy follows a person’s neurobiology and the wisdom of our deep subcortical brain to find homeostasis again – balance and integration of painful memories, feelings, and symptoms.

What to expect in a Brainspotting Session:

In a session, you will first talk about what has brought you in for therapy and what is difficult for you. Together we will find the “Brainspot”, a place in the visual field, where you will gaze during the session, and which harnesses the brain’s ability to find balance again. We find this spot through a variety of easy, natural methods.


For example, one way of finding a Brainspot is called Gazespotting – you may have been looking at a certain area to the right, left, or center of your visual field as you’ve been talking about some aspect of the issue. I will ask you to bring your gaze there and hold it for a minute or so and you will just see where you go. I’ll then check in with you to see what you have experienced. The time on that “gazespot” will be lengthened until you are gazing there for most of the session. You may be quiet, or speak if you feel so inclined. You might experience thoughts, feelings, memories, see an image in your mind, have a body sensation – a variety of experiences may occur as your deeper brain finds its way into “the file” of this disturbance or issue you have brought into the session. It is through the time on the visual spot that allows your brain to harness the regulatory networks which connect to our brain’s unique programmed ability to bring itself to a place of balance.

Other ways of finding the Brainspot include what is called Inside Window, Outside Window, Z-Axis, One Eye Brainspotting, and several other very easy and natural ways of find what we call the “relevant eye position” – relevant to the sensations of the difficulty. I will leave the other methods I’ve mentioned for finding the Brainspot for a conversation on the phone or an appointment with you.

Other Services offered

Certified Prime for Life Instructor

Prime for Life: is evidenced based and provides a judgment-free way of understanding how alcohol and drug-related problems develop, what we can do to prevent them, and why sometimes we need help.

Who Is It For?

It’s for the curious, the concerned, and those making high-risk choices. Approximately three out of every ten people in the United States make alcohol and/or drug choices that research shows are high risk. They experience the most problems, and this experience is tailored for them. This group includes, but is not limited to, people with a legal or policy violation on the road (impaired driving offenders), on the job, or at school. Prevention Research Institute (PRI) partners with many state and local systems to provide court-required courses.


Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator


Premarital Couples: Taking an assessment isn't just another step in the wedding planning process; it's an essential step to a thriving marriage.

Why Invest in Premarital Counseling?  Because you can reduce your risk of divorce by 30%.

Married Couples: Marriage is beautiful and complex; it's fluid and changes with time. Whether newlyweds or married for 50 years, marriage is worth it.

Why Invest in Married Couples?  Healthy marriages are the backbone of a strong community.

Prepare/Enrich Checkup: Life is a journey.  When your spouse accompanies you in that voyage, it adds a beautiful complexity.  Check up on your relationship excursion to avoid pitfalls.

Why Have Regular Checkups?  Every relationship will have bumps along the way.  Don't let the bumps become hazards.


The PREPARE/ENRICH (P/E) Assessment makes your relationship stronger!

Personalized results provide insights that will put you on a path toward life-long relationship growth.  Research has shown that the simple act of taking an assessment improves relationship satisfaction.

  1. Increase Awareness: The customizable nature of the assessment provides results that will increase awareness across the whole of your relationship.

  2. Provide Objective Results: The P/E assessment is scientifically reliable and valid, which means accurate and objective results that help you talk about what really matters in your relationship.

  3. Catalyst for Conversation: The process of taking the assessment primes you for conversations and skill building to establish and strengthen your relationship foundation.


P/E Standard

Assess satisfaction levels in 12 relationship categories.  Gain personalized insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems.


P/E Checkup

Designed for marriage education and enrichment.  Assess satisfaction levels in 6 relationship categories and gain personalized insights into personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems.

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